How to explain Social Media to the old school

In my previous life, i worked for a very large Fortune 500.  The MarCom team that I was a part was generally a younger minded group that was familiar with social media and open to investigating its use for corporate initiatives.  (Pat on the back: I was much more informed, hence my new job here a vSocial). 

During one of the last meetings I attended at my previous employer, the Director of Corporate Communications for this $40 billion company was asked about Social Media.  You can guess what his response was.  Yep, friggin MySpace.  I knew at that point the conversation was over. 

Social Media is so much more but if you don’t live it, and aren’t open minded and interested enough to investigate it your company is doomed.  Doomed to keep using the same costly, inefficient and time consuming marketing tactics it did it the past.  Doomed to keep saying ‘We need to think outside the box’, while steadily building the box up around you.

Forrester analyst Jeremiah Owyang has a great post on how to manage this type of conversation. 

Good luck, an update your resume afterwards just in case.